12 Best Fashion Tips and Tricks for Girls

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Girls can never have enough of fashion tips; they are usually keen to learn about the latest fashion trends and fashion tips and tricks, unlike boys of their age. The way a girl will carry herself says a lot about her personality and character.

Young girls can find the most exciting apparel and accessories to choose from at the best possible prices. The following fashion advice and tricks can benefit all girls out there, whether they aim to be ultra-chic or just casually attractive.

12 Best Fashion Tips and Tricks for Girls:

  1. Knowing your body shape: When you are new to fashion trends it is important to understand that not everything that you see in fashion magazines and runways are worth emulating, or will work for you. You must make the right choice of clothes that will accentuate your figure, not make you look like you are trying too hard.
  2. Knowing color combination: You need to realize that mixing and matching colors is an art and not something to be taken lightly. When you know how to do this it can be a complete game-changer for you. However, you must not mix more than 3 colors when you are dressing up; similarly, when wearing graphic tees and embroidered shirts, you should ideally wear solid trousers and skirts.
  3. Use the art of layering: Layering is a useful fashion that never loses appeal. It suits people of all age groups and one can customize it easily. So, you could try to layer colorful and funky attire with plain sneakers and denim wear, and complete the look with a cross-body bag.
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  4. Makeup appropriately: If you wear too much makeup you can make yourself look clumsy and unsightly. It is best to check out online tutorials about how to do makeup, and knowing which makeup will suit your looks. While a nude or natural look is better for the daytime, darker or bolder makeup may be perfect for the night.
  5. Learn flexible: You need to know how to make a few easy hairdos so that you can quickly put together one to complement the attire you are sporting. Front bangs, for instance, are a trendy fashion tip that can enhance your hairdo and make you look stylish and gorgeous.
  6. Knowing the differences between dresses: You should know which type of dress to wear for specific occasions, which types are meant to be worn during the day and which at night.
  7. Choosing vertical stripes: When you wish to wear stripes on shirts or dresses it is best to choose vertical stripes as this gives you a slimmer and taller look. It is also advisable not to mix too many patterns and prints as this can make the outfit look clumsy and inelegant.
  8. Mastering the art of accessorizing: The right kind of accessories can make a world of difference to any outfit. Even a pair of earrings is enough to add beauty and glamour to any ordinary outfit.
  9. Belting up: If you can belt up the outerwear in the right way, it can help to accentuate your curvy figure and even make you look slimmer. An attractive and trendy belt can make a casual ensemble appear striking and chic.
  10. Wearing scarves: Scarves are also an excellent way to spruce up any ordinary dress or shirt. Whether you use a silk, linen or woolen scarf, you can make a fashion statement; there are ways to tie them and you should learn a few of these to keep experimenting with your look.
  11. Knotting up: An easy fashion tip to add a twist to your look is to knot a shirt or top that you wear over a dress; this helps to define the waistline and looks like a crop top.
  12. Using nude combinations: When you are not sure about which colors to combine it is best to choose nude as it always matches your skin tone.