PO Box 84048 Columbus GA: Payment Addresses and Customer Service Details

PO Box 84048 Columbus GA

When you’ve got a bill to pay or need customer service, finding the right address can be like trying to solve a puzzle. Whether it’s for credit card payments or asking a question about your account, knowing where to send that envelope is crucial.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever stared at PO Box 84048 Columbus GA and wondered what exactly you should do with it.

Here’s something interesting: this particular PO box belongs to BMO Harris Bank N.A, and yes, it’s where they handle lots of important stuff related to your credit card. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything from understanding the purpose of this PO box address to making sure your payment zooms off without a hitch.

Ready? Let’s figure out how that little mailbox can be your gateway to resolving payments and queries quickly!

Understanding PO Box 84048 Columbus GA

PO Box 84048 Columbus GA

Navigating the world of PO Box addresses can seem like a trek through uncharted territory, but fear not—grasping the concept is simpler than one might think. Whether you’re sending a personal check or handling business transactions, comprehending what PO Box 84048 Columbus GA signifies is key to ensuring your correspondence lands in the right hands with zero detours.

Basic Information about PO Box 84048

PO Box 84048 is a crucial address for BMO Harris Bank N.A. customers. It’s located in Columbus, GA, with the full zip code of 31908-4048. This post office box serves as the contact point for customer service and is where you send important bank documents.

If you have a credit card from BMO Harris Bank N.A., this PO box is where your monthly billing statements will arrive, too.

These statements show everything, from what you owe to recent transactions and fees. The Cardholder Agreement also mentions PO Box 84048; it lays out all the rules for using your credit card account responsibly.

Remember to check these papers when they come in so that you’re always informed about your account details, like balance transfers or cash advances.

Example of a PO Box Address

Now, let’s take a closer look at what an actual PO Box address looks like. Imagine you have to send a payment by check or money order. You’d use an address format similar to this: “BMO Harris Bank N.A., PO Box 84048 Columbus GA 31908-4048”. It’s essential that the address is precise to ensure your mail reaches the right place without delay.

Write the recipient’s name first; in this case, it could be a bank’s customer service department. Then add the box number followed by ‘PO Box’ and end with the city, state, and ZIP+4 code for accuracy.

Always double-check your details before sending anything off—a simple mistake could send your payment astray!

Locating PO Box 84048

Discovering the whereabouts of PO Box 84048 Columbus GA is more than just pinpointing a spot on the map—it’s like finding a key to streamlined financial communication. Nestled within Columbus, Georgia’s network of post office boxes, this particular one stands as your direct link to addressing certain payment and service inquiries efficiently.

Address: PO BOX 84000 (From 84000 To 84105), COLUMBUS, GA 31908-4000, USA

PO Box 84000 through 84105 in Columbus, Georgia, is a range of addresses that includes PO Box 84048. This row of post office boxes falls within the ZIP code area 31908-4000. Every box has a unique plus-four add-on code, making sure mail lands at the exact spot.

The mail sent here is meant for specific uses or people. Maybe you are writing to a business or sending important documents. You must use the right plus-four number after the main ZIP so your items get to where they need to go on time! Each post office box, like PO Box 84048, serves as a secure spot for receiving mail in Muscogee County.

Significance of PO Box 84048

Significance of PO Box 84048

As the correspondence address for TD Bank, PO Box 84048 Columbus GA, plays a crucial role in customer service and financial transactions—discover its full impact on banking communications by reading on.

TD Bank Correspondence Address

PO Box 84048 is where you send mail for TD Bank. It sits in Columbus, GA, with the ZIP code 31908-4000. This box gets all sorts of things for the bank—letters, forms, and other important papers.

If you need to talk to someone at TD Bank or sort something out with your account, this is the address you use.

Need to get in touch with TD Bank? Just write a letter and send it to PO Box 84048. Make sure everything’s right: your name, their name, and don’t forget that ZIP code! Your message will land at the bank’s desk, ready for action.

Remember, the correct PO Box range is between 84000 and 84105; this ensures your correspondence reaches its intended destination without delay.

Contact Information for TD Bank

TD Bank uses PO Box 84048 Columbus GA for customer correspondence. If you need to reach out to TD Bank, follow these steps:

  • Start by writing your letter and addressing it to TD Bank at PO Box 84048 Columbus GA 31908-44048.
  • Include your full name, street address, and account details so they can assist you.
  • Send credit card payments or documents related to your account there.
  • Call their customer service line if you have immediate questions or need help.
  • Remember that customer calls are private. They may record the call to make their service better.
  • For lost cards or urgent cash needs, share your details with MasterCard International through TD Bank.
  • You can also visit TD Bank’s website for email support or live chat options.

How to Use a PO Box Address

Discovering the proper etiquette for addressing your mail to PO Box 84048 can ensure your correspondence reaches its destination efficiently. Keep reading for the ins and outs of navigating this seemingly simple task.

Writing to PO Box 84048

Need to send a payment or important document to BMO Harris Bank N.A. Customer Service? Use P.O. Box 84048 Columbus GA 31908-4048, as the address. Write the recipient’s name clearly above the PO Box number.

Include your return address in case it needs to be sent back. Check that your envelope or package has enough postage paid.

For payments, ensure you’re using U.S. dollars in the form of a check or money order. You must use this exact address from your statement unless you prefer paying directly at a qualifying branch.

Don’t forget to mail it early! Mail can take several days to reach its destination, and you don’t want to miss any deadlines for payments or correspondence.

Making a Phone Call to the Attached Number

If you need to talk to someone at BMO Harris Bank N.A. Customer Service, dial the number linked to PO Box 84048. This is the direct line for any of your banking needs or questions.

Whether it’s about a demand deposit account, an issue with your debit card, or questions about interest rates and loans, they are ready to help.

Give them a call if there’s trouble understanding charges on your statement or you need overdraft protection details. They handle all sorts of inquiries, from lost ATM cards to credit report updates.

Their team can offer advice on managing your accounts and explain the latest in bank policies and services. Just have your personal identification number handy when you phone in; this keeps your information safe and speeds up the process.

Understanding ZIP Code 31908-4000

Delving into the ZIP Code 31908-4000 uncovers more than just a string of numbers—it’s a key that unlocks the logistical hub behind PO Box 84048 Columbus GA. Keep reading to see how this code weaves into the world of postal nuances and customer interactions.

Basic Meaning of the ZIP Code

A ZIP code is like a postal map for mail. It directs letters and packages to the right place. The ZIP Code 31908-4000 in Columbus, GA, has an extra four numbers. These help even more by pinpointing a smaller area, such as PO Box 84048.

This makes sure your mail gets there fast and without mix-ups.

Think of it as giving GPS directions to your letter. With the full ZIP+4 code, the postal service knows exactly where to drop off your envelope or package within Muscogee County, Georgia.

Every PO box gets its own set of plus 4 digits for this reason—it’s all about precision!

Envelope Example with the ZIP Code

To address an envelope with the ZIP Code 31908-4000, start by writing the recipient’s PO Box number in Columbus, GA. For example, write “PO Box 84048” on one line. Below that, add the city, state and full ZIP+4 code: “Columbus, GA 31908-4000.” Make sure your handwriting is clear or use a label for accuracy.

The extra four digits help sort mail faster.

Knowing how to format this correctly ensures quick delivery and proper sorting by post offices. It also reduces the chances of delays or mix-ups with other boxes in the range of 84000 to 84105.

With each box having its own unique ZIP+4 code, you can be confident that your mail reaches its destination efficiently. Now let’s look at why PO Box 84048 matters so much, especially to TD Bank customers.


Understanding how to use PO Box 84048 Columbus GA, is easy. Just remember, this address is for BMO Harris Bank N.A. customer service. You can send them your credit card payments or reach out for help.

Try it next time you need to handle your bank matters—it’s simple and secure! If you ever get stuck, just give them a call; they’re there to assist you.