Top 10 Play-to-Earn NFT Games for Making Money in 2023

Play-to-earn NFT games

Play-to-earn NFT games rely on blockchain technology, where in-game elements like avatars, lands, and weapons can be purchased as unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These digital assets are verified on the blockchain and have real-world value. NFT games feature token-based economies that let gamers earn tradable rewards with monetary value by playing.

The growing popularity stems from allowing true digital asset ownership, reducing scarcity, and earning income from gaming. Large gaming companies like Electronic Arts, Sega, and Nintendo are exploring NFT games and defining how to integrate them into their products. While speculation exists, player-owned economies unlock new models.

How NFT Games Create Real Value

NFT games create value in several ways:

Unique Game Items: Digital assets like avatars, lands, and gear are minted in limited quantities, creating scarcity and value based on demand.

Token Rewards: Games generate tokens that have an exchange value and real-world price from supply and demand. Top tokens like AXS, MANA, and SAND can be traded on markets. Additionally, you can also read about- Tips and Tricks for Using Free Spins

Interoperable Assets: Blockchain items can be used across metaverse platforms, increasing their utility.

Play-to-Earn Model: Players earn tradeable tokens and NFTs by actively playing and competing. The most popular titles utilize this model.

User-Generated Content: Games like The Sandbox let users create NFTs by designing assets and selling them on marketplaces.

Leading play-to-earn NFT games

Here are 10 top play-to-earn NFT games where you can earn income through token rewards, trading NFTs, and user-generated content:

Axie Infinity

  • Inspired by Pokémon on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Users buy axes to battle, breed rare traits, and trade on the marketplace.
  • Earn tokens through battle victories, breeding, and NFT sales.
  • One of the first major breakout NFT games

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  • Create and sell virtual real estate, wearables, names, etc. as NFTs.
  • Earn MANA by trading land, accessories, and avatar names on the open marketplace.
  • Also earn by providing services like gambling and event hosting.

The Sandbox

  • Build, play, own, and sell 3D ASSET game assets and worlds.
  • Earn and trade SAND tokens by creating scarce digital goods.
  • Become a true co-creator by making NFTs players want via the Game Maker.

Samurai Doge

  • Pixel battle game with limited samurai dogs
  • Breed rare NFT dogs over generations to produce valuable puppies.
  • Take dogs into battle against opponents; winners take tokens.


  • Capture creatures called Illuvials in beautiful 3D landscapes.
  • Form teams and fight other players for $ILV token rewards.
  • Consistent token models keep engagement high and earnings high.

Lost Relics

  • Adventure: discovering relics scattered across dungeons
  • Earn loot tokens and rare NFT gear by defeating monsters.
  • Craft weapons and trade for profit on exchanges.

Gold Fever

  • A survival game focused on mining gold and battling
  • Purchase drills, weapons, and tools with GLD governance tokens.
  • Expand territory by attacking opponents’ land.

Guild of Guardians

  • Journey across landscapes with unique guardian characters.
  • Build gear, craft weapons, and collect artifacts.
  • Raid dungeons and player guilds for epic loot.

Dark Forest

  • Real-time strategy for conquering planets
  • Manage resources, conscript alien armies, and populate planets.
  • Attack other users’ planets to earn and loot rare NFTs.

Mines of Dalarnia

  • Action mining game: extracting crystals and artifacts
  • Improve mining rigs and gear with earned DAR tokens.
  • Blacksmith system to enhance equipment over time

The Future of Play-to-Earn Gaming

Play-to-earn gaming is still in its early stages but shows immense potential as more users enter the metaverse. While adoption grows, companies are pouring resources into blockchain gaming development. New models will emerge around player behavior, engagement, and token-based incentives. User-generated economies may empower creators in unprecedented ways. The only limit is creativity, which there is never a shortage of in gaming. If you want you can also read- How Much Do You Know About Slots?