3 Different Types of Tires

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The tires you choose for your vehicle will have a big impact on how your car drives. If you choose the wrong tires for the wrong environment, driving on them could be dangerous. Knowing the different types of tires to choose from will help you find the right ones for your vehicle. Here are some of the different types of tires when you receive a tire installation.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires will fit most cars and SUVs. These are the most common types of tires as they can be driven in different types of weather and for long mileage. While you might not want to use these tires in extreme weather, such as snow, they work well in rain and heat. The tires you buy will only last for so long. Buying a set of long mileage tires will allow you to avoid buying a new set in the near future.

All-Terrain Truck Tires

As you might expect, truck tires are different than most car tires. There are two primary reasons for this. One is that trucks usually need larger tires than would be placed on cars. The other reason is that trucks often are taken off-road. This is a big reason why people often buy these vehicles. The tires that are made for cars are not designed for off-roading. All-terrain tires are specifically designed to be placed on pickup trucks and SUVs. They feature a more aggressive tread pattern so that the truck will experience more traction when it’s taken off of the main, paved road. These types of tires will have “A/T” or “All Terrain” in the model name. This is how you’ll be able to tell them from tires that are not designed for off-road driving.

Winter or Snow Tires

The most treacherous time of year to drive a vehicle is in snow. The roads can be very slick and cause your vehicle to slide uncontrollably off the road. For this reason, you should have special tires installed if you’re going to be driving in these conditions. Snow tires are specifically designed to be driven in these conditions. They feature more slits in the tread which allows for more traction on the road. You can determine if the tires you’re looking at are snow tires as they’ll have a mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall. This will tell you that these tires are safe to use in snowy conditions.

If your tires are starting to wear down or you’ll be driving in treacherous conditions, you might need a new set of tires. When selecting new tires, it can be difficult to determine which ones to get. These are some of the different types of tires you can choose for your next tire installation. Apart from this, if you want to know about Honda Civic Air Suspension Kits, you can read various reviews from Google.

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