Is Chuck Norris Dead? All You Need to Know from Here in 2023

Chuck Norris
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Is the news of Chuck Norris dead true? Walker and Texas Ranger fans know Chuck Norris as a fighter and a survivor and they won’t believe it. They have no reason to believe he died from the Coronavirus.

Norris, an action star known for his martial arts skills, has been the subject of misinformation over the years. In 2012, for example, a scam appeared on Facebook claiming he was dead. But he wasn’t. In March he turned 80 years old.

Celebrities are often the subject of false information, including death hoaxes. According to false claims on the Internet, Will Smith and his son Jayden, Lee Majors, and Clint Eastwood have died in the last two years.

This is not the case. And in the age of COVID-19, this is another type of misinformation to be wary of, especially since one of the first major stories about the Coronavirus in the United States was published after Tom Hanks was infected with it. Social media users began spreading the hoax that Chuck Norris dead had died on June 10, but this news is actually a long hoax.

About Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is an American actor, screenwriter, film producer, and above all, he is a martial artist. He is a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Judo. He served in the U.S. Air Force and later he won numerous martial arts championships. Then, he founded Chung Kuk Do. Soon after, Norris was training celebrities in martial arts in Hollywood.

Norris had a supporting role in the spy movie The Wrecking Crew (1969). His friend and fellow martial artist Bruce Lee invited him to play one of the main villains in The Way of the Dragon (1972). While Norris was still filming, his friend and student Steve McQueen suggested he take it seriously. Norris landed the lead role in the action film Breaker! Breaker! (1977), which turned a profit. His second major role in The Good Guys Wear Black (1978) was a hit and he quickly became a popular action star.


Throughout his career in film and television, Norris has left the ordinary behind. He is a well-known author of martial arts, exercise, philosophy, politics, Christianity, Western novels, and biographies. He has authored two New York Times bestsellers, first with a book about his personal philosophy of positive strength and self-improvement psychology based on personal anecdotes, entitled The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story (1988). His second New York Times bestseller is Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America (2008), which focuses on his critique of America’s current problems.

Norris has also appeared in a number of commercials for various products, including as the lead spokesperson for the Total Gym ad. In 2005, Norris gained new Internet notoriety when “Chuck Norris facts” became an Internet meme documenting humorous, fictional, and often absurd feats of strength and endurance. Although Norris did not create the “facts” himself, he was contracted for numerous products that used Chuck Norris facts in advertising, a phenomenon that spawned six books including two New York Times bestsellers, two video games, and several appearances on talk shows such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien, where he read facts or participated in skits.

Is Chuck Norris dead?

Reports and claims have surfaced on social media that Chuck Norris dead at the age of 77. The message indicates that he has died at his home in Northwood Hills, Texas. It also reminds us that Chuck starred in dozens of movies and television shows and entertained people. Chuck Norris is a martial arts expert, which explains his fame in the movie industry, as well as the famous jokes he inspired and which were later repeated elsewhere, for example about Rajinikanth.

Chuck Norris is alive and well

The information claiming — Chuck Norris dead at 77 — is based on a website called Conservative Tears. The entire site is based on hoaxes. They create Fake News about the death of a celebrity or famous person, claiming that the person no longer exists. The article about Chuck Norris claims that a sheriff’s deputy was “sneaking into Chuck’s bedroom upstairs” when he discovered his dead body. The article also claims that Chuck Norris spoke in support of President Donald Trump and then was mysteriously murdered. All news about Chuck Norris dead is fake. He is alive and well.

“Chuck Norris dead” hoax goes viral on Facebook

News of the actor’s presumed death spread after the Facebook page “R.I.P. Chuck Norris” received nearly one million likes. Those who read the “About Me” page received plausible information about the American actor’s death:

“At approximately 11 a.m. ET this Friday (July 23, 2021), our favorite actor Chuck Norris passed away. Chuck Norris was born in Ryan on March 10, 1940. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please express your sympathy and condolences by commenting and liking this page.”

Hundreds of fans immediately began to write their condolences on the Facebook page, expressing their sadness at the death of the talented 81-year-old actor. As usual, the Twittersphere was flooded with hoaxes about Chuck Norris dead.

While some gullible fans believed the report, others were immediately skeptical, perhaps a lesson learned from the large number of fake celebrity death reports that have surfaced in recent months. Some pointed out that the news was not aired on any of the major U.S. television networks, suggesting that it was a false report.

A recent poll conducted for Celebrity Post revealed that an overwhelming majority — 71% of respondents believe that rumors of Chuck Norris dead are no longer funny.

The best action movies of Chuck Norris

Good Guys Wear Black (1977): “A former U.S. Army commando must find the cause of the systematic murders of his fellow unit members before he is next.

Silent Rage (1982): “The sheriff of a small Texas town must stop a homicidal maniac who has the power to heal himself and wants only to destroy lives.

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983): “After his daughter witnesses a kidnapping, a Texas Ranger and former Marine engage in a deadly battle with an arms dealer to save her.

Hero and the Terror (1988): “Chuck Norris (“Missing in Action”) plays homicide detective Danny O’Brien, known simply as “Hero” because he apprehended the most violent serial killer in Los Angeles known as “Terror” (Jack O’Halloran, “Goodbye, My Love”). But over the years, O’Brien is secretly haunted by the idea that his capture of the Terror was an accident. When the assassin escapes from prison and returns to his old ways, O’Brien has a chance to earn his illustrious reputation… if his enemy doesn’t destroy him first!

Braddock: Missing In Action III (1988): “Chuck Connors returns as legendary Vietnam veteran Colonel James Braddock, who returns to Vietnam to rescue his wife and son, whom he believed dead.

Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990): “Led by action superstar Chuck Norris (“Delta Force”), an elite U.S. SWAT team assaults a drug stronghold in South America to free innocent hostages and fight the cocaine kingpin known as “Scorpion”.

Hollywood Collection: Steve McQueen, Man on the Edge (1990): “Before he was an A-list actor, he was a child abandoned by his father, then a Marine. This is the story of a movie star who changed the game.

Top Dog (1995): “Crazy cop Jake Wilder is convinced his career is in jeopardy when he meets his new partner, a mischievous and highly intelligent dog named Rhino.

The Cutter (2006): “After a fatally botched kidnapping operation, a disgraced detective attempts to save an old diamond cutter, once interned in Auschwitz, from a brutal thief.

Chuck Norris, philanthropist, and activist

Norris is a longtime supporter of many charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the United Way. In 1992, with the help of President George Bush Sr., Norris founded his own charity called Kickstart Kids. Kickstart Kids offers martial arts classes to high school students to teach them respect, discipline and improve their self-esteem.

Politically conservative, Norris has campaigned for Republican candidates. He supported Bush in the 1988 presidential election and endorsed Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination in 2008. A supporter of the Second Amendment, Norris has worked with the National Rifle Association to oppose certain laws restricting gun ownership.

Chuck Norris left Hollywood to take care of his wife

It’s been almost 10 years since Norris appeared in Unstoppable 2 (2012). Last year he appeared in an episode of Hawaii Five-O. He can be seen here and there in late-night commercials, but otherwise, Norris has barely made an appearance in Hollywood. There’s a reason for that.

In 2017, his wife Gena O’Kelley developed a mysterious condition following a series of MRIs. Gena suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, and doctors injected her with a “contrast agent” prior to the MRI to determine the extent of her condition. These injections are a common procedure to help doctors during imaging, and usually use a chemical called gadolinium.

According to the Mirror newspaper report, Gena received three gadolinium injections in eight days and described an immediate burning sensation after the injection. She then experienced joint pain, weakness, rib pain, and chills all over her body. She lost 15 kilograms and had to be fed baby food because she had difficulty swallowing.

It was a medical mystery, but the Norris family attributed it to gadolinium poisoning. Doctors disagreed. Gina eventually found relief in a Nevada clinic, but her husband left Hollywood to care for her and raise awareness about gadolinium and its possible side effects. They also went to court. In a $10 million lawsuit, Norris sought damages from diagnostic imaging companies that had failed to warn them of the dangers of the contrast dye. However, the couple withdrew their lawsuit in 2020.

However, the news of Chuck Norris dead shocked the world but fans got relieved when they knew that it was fake news.

What is Chuck Norris doing in 2021?

Since Norris retired a few years ago, it’s hard to say what exactly he’s doing now. But we do know he wasn’t at the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. In case you hadn’t noticed, there was his look-alike in the crowd. But it wasn’t him. He’s not Chuck Norris, he’s the spitting image of him, although Chuck is much better looking. As far as we know, he will be staying in Texas throughout 2021, where he lives with his family. But it’s not all rest and relaxation: he and his wife run a water company called CForce from their Texas property. They also run a non-profit organization called Kickstart Kids, which offers karate classes to children.

Although his film and television roles are no longer what they once were, Norris continues to use his image for a variety of products and services. From Fiat to QuickTrip to the mobile game World of Tanks, many companies have been using Norris for years to create an over-the-top image in memes. 

He is also Glock’s official spokesperson. According to the gun manufacturer’s press release, “Glock was looking for a spokesperson who embodies the same characteristics and principles. The parallels between Glock and Norris offer an authentic, fun, and iconic brand affinity. 

Chuck Norris turns 80 when he was appearing on Hawaii Five-0 during its final season. It’s been a big year for the actor because of Chuck Norris dead hoax. So, read more articles here to know details about other celebrities’ biographies and wikis.