How Can a Good Website Help Your Online Business?

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Most consumers search the web for information that could help them make better purchasing decisions. In fact, studies have shown that 88 per cent of them prefer researching the product before they buy it. This means that having a well-designed business is extremely important for all businesses, especially those that are based on the web. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of a good website for your online business and what you need to know about designing one.

Sets the first impression

Everyone knows that when it comes to business, first impressions matter a lot. Whether you’re meeting a client in person or a customer is visiting your site, impressing them is a must. Fail to do that and chances are they’ll think about turning to someone else. For online businesses, the only way to make a strong first impression is through website design. The reason behind this is that most customers judge the website in the first few seconds they access it. If it feels unappealing and outdated, chances are they’ll leave without taking a look at your products. On the other hand, an appealing and user-friendly design will encourage them to stick around and buy from you.

Aids in your SEO strategy

The world of marketing is undergoing a lot of change at the moment and one of the most important strategies includes optimizing your site for search engines. It’s all about ranking well and having users click on your website before even checking other suggestions in SERPs. While there are a number of factors that influence the ranking of the website in SERPs, website design is one of the most important among them. Search engines are constantly becoming smarter and they can now evaluate your website design and rank it accordingly. The amount of time it takes your website to load is something they pay a lot of attention to and you should always look for ways to increase its speed. Search engines also prefer sites that are optimized for mobile devices, which is another thing you should consider doing.

StartupHelps form relationships with customers

Every business out there needs to aim at connecting with customers on a deeper level. When running an online business, you don’t get to talk to customers in person but there are ways you can for long-lasting relationships with them. One of the most effective ways to do this includes showing them that you care about what they have to say. This means include customer review into your website and encouraging them to leave even more feedback. Another good idea is to use your website to showcase transparency and show your customers that they can trust you. Just take a glance at AskGamblers and how transparent their website is. Getting an SSI certificate also shows customers that you can be trusted and that forming a relationship with your business is a good idea.

Increases control

Unlike with social media, your website is the place where you get to control the entire experience. One of the best ways to improve the user experience is to use design to lead them through the site. The best part of it is that you can use website design to suggest the next page they should visit. On Facebook, you’re pulled in so many directions – notifications, updates from friends, chat and so forth. On your website, you get to control all of these elements and they can all work together to create a better and more controlled user experience. This eventually translates into higher conversion rates which is exactly what every online business should aim at. To do this, you first need to determine your goals and do a lot of testing using tools such as Google Analytics.

Enhances credibility

With so many people online, your website is now the best place to tell the world about your business. We’re not only talking about promoting your products but about increasing your credibility as well. Having a website creates an opportunity to discuss and showcase why you deserve the trust of your customers and there are plenty of ways you can do it. First of all, a carefully-designed home page shows that you value your customer’s time and want them to navigate through the website with ease. Moreover, carefully-designed blog pages allow them to engage in your content and gain a better understanding of your expertise. It’s recommended to include social media buttons and make it easier for people to share your posts with friends and family.

The bottom line

Getting the website design right is one of the most important things your online business can do. That’s where your customers will learn more about the organization and communicate with you. If you think your website could use some updating, it’s time to connect with experts who can help you take your website design to the next level.

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