That You Need to Know about American Football for Kids

American Football
Photo Credit: Pikrepo

Children have a possibility of developing mobility of their bodies. It facilitates coordination or dexterity when they run, turn, jump and improve their physical resistance.

As a parent, you will always want well-being of your child. Something which will help you extensively is that you start practicing of a sport. It will not only allow you to develop better physically from a young age, but also emotionally.

This is because they socialize with other children and learn from teamwork. Some parents see children playing football as a good option, while others consider it dangerous at that age.

When can a child start training?

It is better to begin American football between 6 and 8 years old. Your child could, at that age, train in a pre-childhood category.

Kids are not yet accustomed to full physical contact usually in this modality.

In these cases, a handkerchief or flag tied to the player’s waist is used, which you must remove from the person carrying the ball. This is known as flag football.

Your child can broaden the sense of healthy competition in this category. Of course, a sense of commitment must begin to develop in him, since he must establish practice hours and talks.

It largely depends on the instructor or coach to maintain the kid’s interest and emotions. Logically, it will also influence whether your child really has an affinity for the sport or not.

American football benefits for kids

There are several benefits of practicing this sport, among which stand out:

  • Improves the muscles in the extremities, increases tissue.
    Develops lung capacity.
  • It stimulates the child’s ability to react.
  • Improve motor skills and coordination.
  • Expands your peripheral vision.
  • It develops bone density, giving it solidity.

American Football Risks and Controversies for Children

There is still a debate between parents, coaches and players over the risks of football for children. Some of the most are:

Brain bruises

There are certain types of games at an early age, resulting in serious brain injury. Because the brain is in the process of growth and development in the childhood.

For example, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study that yielded results on some brain injuries in 110 brains, which were donated by former football players.

“A school without American football is in danger of becoming a medieval school”

Changes to minimize risks

The agencies that govern football, and even other categories, have taken the necessary steps to control the existing risks. For example, helmets are not a tool to attack or hit, but a protection for them.

In turn, helmet manufacturers are taking advantage of technological advances to improve internal and external materials of helmets.

The coaches have been developing their careers professionally. The greater participation or contribution of the parents has allowed children to learn the correct techniques in this sport.

Furthermore, this sport limits physical contact completely. Even the games prevent the kids from becoming saturated with intensity or developing excessive momentum. In turn, they are not allowed to play on more than one team.

Likewise, a player can know a greater follow-up and causes of the injuries. In this way, the player can get approval to retrain and participate in the game again.

The parents, trainers, doctors, psychologists or therapists must endorse the situation.

American Football Development for Kids

The development of academies comes in various categories. And the fact is that parents have been becoming more involved in the sports development. It can make the kids possible to reduce the tension placed on this discipline, because of its professionalism.

There are controversies and risks always in any sport or activity. However, American football for kids continues to be a training sport that is booming and that many are passionate about.

In addition, your child will see the need for effort, teamwork, and memorizing plays. If the whole family supports, it will be not only a sport, but also an opportunity to live together.