Top 7 Challenges Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs face in this Pandemic

Food and Beverage
Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain from Pxhere

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has resulted in a groundbreaking change, which is now perceived as the ‘new normal’ and more people have started ordering on UberEats Clone delivery powered restaurants only rather than dining in. The economic growth of many countries has been adversely affected, like many businesses afloat amid worsened situations. However, the food & beverage industry has taken the worst hits among the many sectors which have witnessed a great downfall.

Looking forward to the future, the Food & Beverage industry vendors will definitely need to prepare themselves to keep them surviving in the long-term impact of COVID-19, which is a major challenge for them. Let’s get a brief outlook on the main challenges that every Entrepreneur of this F&B industry faces down the pandemic.

No more plastics

 The ‘plastic ban’ has now come to fruition after several years of discussions across the globe. The persistent growth pace of rapid industrialization, in which the Food & Beverages sector is the main arm, tends to have a very disastrous impact on the survival environment. This has also led to an imbalance in eco-friendliness. Anyway, improper disposal and excess consumption of plastic has led to a scene that has come with the challenge faced by food and beverage managers today.

Health concerns

 The disorders that are specific to food have brought a vital change in peoples’ lifestyles, resulting in becoming more health-conscious than ever. Automatically it is noticed that customers are purchasing foods without any added preservatives etc. The products not falling under the ‘healthy’ label are then bound to be greatly reduced and eliminated. This instant realization for the past few years has led consumers to shy away from many products.

Product traceability

Traceability is one of the primary challenges in the Food and Beverage industry, not just focusing on record management but also on generating major revenues for every sector. Consumers are highly interested to know what’s the bill of material in their food, which has obviously led to ‘ingredient labeling’. This is definitely a major part of the packaging process. Since the last decade, transparency and traceability have evolved as one of the latest trends, as well as a challenge.

Veganism concept

 The growing concerns of many consumers vying for vegan and vegetarian products have increased the demand for green dots, the same as for meat products.

Manufacturing F&B products with vouching for animal safety is a major challenge. has become one of the prime challenges for the food and beverage industry, On this wider note, many companies are self-compelled to come up with meat-free products and alternatives to keep their chains running.

Inventory management

Inventory management seems to be one of the current issues because of the limited shelf life of many products. The perishability is highly concerned as it is susceptible to many pathogens and germs. To alleviate these issues, manufacturers have been prompted to adopt new software that detects the presence of foodborne pathogens and viruses which may have a serious impact on the brand’s reputation.


Nowadays, customers are more tech-savvy and socially acknowledged about the online presence of many brands and their commercials. Many other industries, like electronics, cosmetics, and various other products have already very well established their online presence in the eCommerce domains and fields. But relatively, every other F&B sector is showing up and trying to stand out from the crowd.

Aftermath of COVID-19

 The worst effects of the COVID-19 have already been faced by the F&B sector so far. Starting from manufacturing to the food delivery firms, the industry has been coping up with the deadly pandemic. The global lockdowns are severely impacting the product supply chain. This is also the worst hit that any F&B industry could face.

Bottom Line

The challenges that are faced by the food and beverage solopreneurs are a dime and a dozen. Despite the persistent challenges of the food and also beverage industry, it also systematically predicted a healthy gain in the future. It is clearly seen how the global Food & Beverage market will fare in the upcoming years, totally driven by non-renewable income levels, constant lifestyle changes, and various other government reforms. However, a better mind and the best planning always survive.