What Is A Wine Cooler Drink? 9 Top Wine Cooler Drinks Brand

what is a wine cooler drink

Are you eager to dive into the world of delightful drinks yet feel lost at sea with all the trendy options? Maybe you’ve heard about wine coolers—those refreshing alcoholic blends that seem perfect for a sunny day.

But what exactly is a wine cooler drink? It’s not uncommon to see these bubbly beverages shrugged off as mere memories from decades past, but they’re so much more than just blasts from the boozy past!

In truth, wine coolers carved out quite the niche in American hearts during their ’80s heyday, with nearly 10% of U.S. wine consumption coming from these fizzy concoctions at one point.

Today’s revived interest shows we’re ready for round two.

Cracking open this article will pour into your glass an easy-to-grasp guide on everything wine cooler—from its spirited history to the types tickling taste buds today. You’ll also learn which brands are leading this refreshed charge and how modern-day coolers stack up nutritionally.

Are you ready for a sip of knowledge? Let’s pop the top on this flavorful topic!

What is a Wine Cooler Drink?

A wine cooler drink mixes wine with fruit juice, carbonated water, or other flavorings. It’s lighter than straight wine and often has a lower alcohol content. Think of it as a fruity cocktail that’s bubbly and refreshing.

These coolers come in many flavors, like tropical punch, lemon, or even mojito. They blend the rich taste of wines with the bright zing of sodas.

Wine cooler drinks strike a balance between alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. They are perfect for sipping on a hot day or at casual gatherings where you want something less strong than cocktails but more special than plain soda pop.

With just enough fizz from carbonation to make them fun, they appeal to both seasoned drinkers and those new to the world of booze. Additionally, you can also read about- Top 10 Colombian Coffee Brands.

The History of Wine Coolers

The history of wine coolers weaves a fascinating tale that charts their meteoric rise in popularity, a sudden fall from grace, and an unexpected modern-day revival. These refreshing blends have ridden the waves of beverage trends, evolving alongside consumer preferences from the laid-back settings of 1980s backyard barbecues to today’s vibrant social scenes where they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with hard seltzers and craft beers.

The Rise of the Cooler

In the 1980s, coolers took the beverage world by storm. Everyone wanted a taste of these refreshing drinks that mixed wine with fruit flavors and carbonation. They were light and bubbly, perfect for parties or a chill night at home.

Wine coolers had a bit of alcohol from the wine, but they weren’t as strong as hard liquor or even some beers.

Companies like California Cooler and Bartles & Jaymes led the charge. Their ads showed fun times and easy living—exactly what people craved in their drinks. During this time, soft drink giants also reached peak sales, showing folks just couldn’t get enough of sugary beverages.

This set the stage for wine coolers to become a household name across America.

Wine Cooler Drink 90s

The 1990s saw wine coolers as the go-to party drink. Everyone wanted to sip something sweet and bubbly from their glass. Big brands like California Coolers and Bartles & Jaymes filled fridges across America.

These drinks mix wine with fruit juice, sparkling water, or soda, making them refreshing and easy to enjoy.

But trouble hit paradise in 1991. Congress hiked up taxes on these popular drinks, and suddenly they weren’t so affordable anymore. People turned to malt liquor-based alcopops instead because they were cheaper.

Wine coolers took a big hit; sales dropped, and many disappeared from shelves altogether. It was a surprising twist after dominating the market just years before.

Wine Cooler’s Untimely End

Wine coolers were riding high in popularity during the 1980s. People loved their sweet, fruity flavors and the way they made every gathering more fun. They were perfect for those who wanted a lighter alcohol option.

But good times don’t always last.

In 1991, Congress hit wine coolers hard with a big tax increase. Overnight, these beloved drinks became much more expensive to produce and buy. Winemakers had to rethink their strategies; many switched from wine bases to cheaper malt bases.

This switch changed the taste and appeal of coolers, leading fans to lose interest. As a result, wine coolers vanished from store shelves almost as quickly as they had appeared.

And…They’re Back!

Wine coolers are popping up again, and they’re hitting the shelves with a splash. Young people today love their wine, and winemakers have noticed. They’re crafting coolers that appeal to this new crowd.

These drinks blend that familiar sweet taste with a lower alcohol punch. This mix makes them perfect for sipping at picnics or enjoying a chill hangout.

With their fruit flavors and fizzy fun, these adult beverages are shaking things up. Wine cooler drinks now offer something for everyone, from crisp sauvignon spritzers to jolly rancher-inspired concoctions.

Brands like Coca-Cola even joined in with their own versions of maltered treats. The trend is clear: wine coolers aren’t just nostalgia; they’re the taste of now!

Types of Wine Cooler Drinks

Exploring the diverse world of wine cooler drinks reveals a spectrum of refreshingly sweet and tangy options fit for any palate. Whether it’s the elegant simplicity of white wine-based coolers or the vibrant fruit-infused varieties, these beverages offer a delightful twist to traditional wine enjoyment.

White wine-based coolers

White wine-based coolers blend crisp chardonnay or other white wines with fruit juices and carbonated water. They’re a light and refreshing choice for those who enjoy the subtle flavors of white wine without the full strength.

These coolers often add a twist to the traditional wine spritzer, with added ingredients like lemon juice or Chambord to create a unique taste.

Enjoying these coolers is simple – just chill them in your refrigerator, and they’re ready to serve. They offer an alternative to sugary drinks, providing a bubbly experience that’s less sweet but equally satisfying.

White wine-based coolers are perfect for sipping on sunny afternoons or pairing with light meals.

Fruit-flavored coolers

Fruit-flavored coolers take the refreshing zest of wine to a whole new level. They blend traditional wines with sweet and tangy fruit flavors, creating a taste sensation that’s both familiar and thrilling.

Imagine sipping on a chilled glass infused with the essence of ripe peaches or zesty citrus. These coolers often come alive with added sugar and carbonated water, giving them a bubbly personality that dances on your palate.

For those who love something different from their usual beer or cider, these beverages offer an exciting alternative. With an alcohol content usually between 4 and 6 percent, they provide just enough kick without overwhelming you like some stronger distilled spirits might.

Grab a fruit-flavored cooler at your next gathering and watch as it becomes the life of the party!

Best Wine Coolers Drinks

Some wine coolers stand out for their taste and popularity. White wine-based coolers blend sweet wines with sparkling water or soda, offering a refreshing fizz. They often include flavors like peach or berry for added zest.

These drinks are perfect on hot days or at casual gatherings.

Many people love fruit-flavored coolers because they come in so many varieties. You might try a citrusy lemon-lime mix or something tropical like pineapple-coconut. Bud Light Seltzer is one brand that has captured attention with bold, fruity options without heavy alcohol content, making it easy to enjoy anytime.

If you’re looking for something bubbly and light with just the right hint of sweetness, these wine cooler drinks hit the spot.

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Wine Cooler Drink Brands

Exploring the world of wine cooler drinks, you’ll find a variety of brands that stand out. These brands have made a name for themselves with their unique flavors and alcohol content.

  1. Bartles & Jaymes: This brand brings back memories of the 80s with its classic ads. Today, they offer a range of fruit-flavored coolers, perfect for casual sipping.
  2. Seagram’s: Known for their colorful bottles, Seagram’s Escapes features a wide array of flavors. Their wine coolers blend fruits like peach, strawberry, and pineapple for a sweet taste.
  3. California Cooler: As one of the original wine cooler brands, California Cooler sticks to using real wine and citrus fruit juices in their beverages.
  4. Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails: While not purely a wine cooler brand, Jack Daniel’s offers country cocktails with similar fruity flavor profiles to traditional wine coolers.
  5. Smirnoff Ice: Though technically not wine – based, Smirnoff Ice competes directly with wine coolers in taste and refreshment. These malt beverages are bubbly and come in various fruit flavors.
  6. Arbor Mist: Arbor Mist combines traditional wines like merlot and chardonnay with fun fruit flavors to create light and refreshing drinks.
  7. Gallo Family Vineyards Spritz: This family-owned brand crafts spritz-style coolers that are lightly carbonated and include red wine options.
  8. Wild Irish Rose: This brand is known for strong flavored wines but also dabbles in sweeter, milder cooler variations suitable for those new to alcohol beverages.
  9. B&J (Bartles & Jaymes) Flavor Coolers: Adding another choice to their lineup, B&J’s Flavor Coolers shake things up with new combinations while holding true to the classic feel of the drink.

Nutrition and Wine Coolers Drinks Alcohol Percentage

Assessing the nutritional content and alcohol percentage of wine coolers is crucial for those mindful of their intake. Here’s a breakdown in table format:

Nutritional Component Typical Values Comments
Calories Varies, ~80-150 per serving Caloric content largely depends on the sugar and alcohol levels.
Alcohol Content 4-6% alc./vol. Wine coolers tend to have lower alcohol content compared to traditional wines.
Sugars Varies Sugar content can significantly affect calorie count and sweetness.
Carbohydrates Varies Usually higher due to added sugar and flavorings.
Serving Size Typically 12 oz Standard serving size for a bottle or can of wine cooler.

This straightforward analysis shows that while wine coolers are a lighter alcoholic option, their sugar content can vary, impacting their nutritional profile. Keep this in mind while enjoying these refreshing beverages.


Wine coolers have come a long way since the 1980s. They blend wine with fruit flavors and a touch of fizz, offering a refreshing choice. Many brands offer different types, from white wine-based to fruity options.

With low alcohol content, they suit those looking for a lighter sip. Today’s coolers are tastier and more varied than ever before!