Native Translator for French Translation Services in Dubai

French Translation Services
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Are you looking for a native French translator? Alsun provide professional French translations services in Dubai you can trust for all your legal, medical, and technical documents.

French language is considered the language of culture. It is spoken by 280 million speakers in 5 continents with the third-largest number of non-native speakers. French translation is one of the most wanted languages in translation services worldwide.

1. Professional French Translation Services in Dubai

Alsun is ISO 17100 certified translation agency in Dubai. We provide high quality French translation at competitive prices. Our French translation services cover wide range of fields such as Law, Technology and Medicine.

You can order a certified French translation directly online via our website.

2. Native French Translator in Dubai

The Native Speaker translator is of the corner stone of French translation in Dubai . A native speaker of a language is a person who obtained his or her education in a country where the target language is the official language. We provide French translation to/from Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Russian to and from French.

We translate all documents in French; whether you need to translate your documents, website, immigration papers, or marketing brochures into French, we provide high quality native translation services. Our native translators offer European French, African French, and Canadian French Translations.

Our French language services in Dubai include:

  • Certified French Translation
  • French Legal Translation
  • French Marketing Translation
  • French Medical Translation
  • French Technical Translation
  • French Financial Translation
  • French Video Translation
  • French Graphics Translation
  • French Academic Translation
  • French Ecommerce Translation
  • French Website Localization
  • French Software Localization
  • French eLearning Localization
  • French Voice-overs
  • French Interpretation
  • French Subtitling
  • French Transcription

3. French to Arabic Translation in Dubai

Alsun Translation office Dubai offer expert French to Arabic translation and localization services in a wide range of industries including IT, medical, financial, legal and fashion. We translate all file formats such as Word, PDF, PowerPoint and so on.

We deliver high quality French to Arabic Translation for the following:

  • Legal Documents:

Articles Of Incorporation, Business Contracts, Agreements, Terms Of Use, Trademark Applications, Wills, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage And Divorce Contracts, Reports, Court Minute and Witness Statements.

  • Medical Documents:

Medical Charts, Medical Supplies, Medical Insurance Documents, Hospital Discharge Papers, Scientific Publications, Medical Records, Clinical, Medical Reports and Scientific Research Papers, as well as Study Reports, Protocols and Trials. 

  • Financial Documents:

Financial statements, Annual Reports Translations, Audit Reports, Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Investor Reports, Bank Statements, Request for Proposals, Shareholder Briefs, Tax Reports Translations, Invoices, and Policies.

  • Technical Documents:

User Guides, Instructions, Operating Manuals, Scientific Papers, Patents, Engineering Specifications, Online Help Text, Training Materials, Safety Data Sheets, Marketing Materials, Software, Online Technical E-Learning Modules, Games, Electronic Manuals and So Forth.

We also offer French to Arabic Translation in Dubai for the following documents:

  • Marriage certificate translation in Dubai.
  • Driving license translation in Dubai.

Certified Translation Services in Dubai to and from French

Alsun is recognized as one of the leading translation agencies in Dubai that deliver high quality Certified French translation. We are well-known for our speed, accuracy, and affordable pricing of our work.

Our Certified Translation Dubai Services are designed to meet our clients’ requirements. Our certified translation is provided in hard copy with company logo, stamp, and translator’s signature.

We Support over 50 Languages

Alsun deliver French to Arabic Translation and French to English translation in Dubai as well as Dutch French, Russian-French, and 50+ other language pairs. Our team consists of the best native French linguists who are ready to deal with all your document translation requirements and provide highest level of quality and accuracy.

We offer our services in +50 languages including but not limited to:

  • French to Arabic Translation.
  • French to English Translation.
  • French to Chinese (Simplified) Translation.
  • French to Czech Translation.
  • French to Danish Translation.
  • French to German Translation.
  • French to Italian Translation.
  • French to Japanese Translation.
  • French to Korean Translation.
  • French to Portuguese Translation.
  • French to Russian Translation.
  • French to Spanish Translation.

Why Alsun French Translation Services in Dubai?

High Quality and Accurate Translation

Alsun is committed to providing the highest standards when it comes to translation quality. We maintain quality and accuracy through assigning translation and review processes to native French linguists.

Speed Service

We are available 24/7 at your services. We can deliver French translation for your documents at the same day depending on type, size and format of the project. Contact us for more information.

Affordable Prices

Alsun offer its services at competitive prices without prejudice to quality or accuracy. We adopt translation technologies and tools to save cost and time of our clients. Client satisfaction is our goal. We offer discount for long-term projects. Do not hesitate to ask about translation prices and discount. 

Absolute Confidentiality

We handle all our clients’ document in strictly confidential methods. Our translators, project managers and all employees are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements. Contact us for more information about applied privacy and security policies.

Need Fast French Translation Service?

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