Take Notes with these Tips for Better Grades

Tips for Better Grades

Are you a student who likes to put down everything that comes out of their teacher or professor’s mouth? Let’s admit it, not every little detail is important and sometimes you need to stop stressing yourself and have a more organized way of taking notes.

It is alright for a student to feel like they’re constantly lagging since their writing skills are not fast enough. Easier said than done, let us go through all the effective note-taking tips;

  1. Don’t copy things word by word

When you try to write down everything the teacher says through the live class in a mobile teacher app, you miss out on important details and stay stuck and only certain parts of the topic. Try working smartly, allow yourself to understand, and then make notes on your understanding later. While the class is going on, you can simply jot down the important details and make sense of it later with a complete explanation. Use the references your teacher provides you, and class handouts, if any.

2. Make it visually pleasant

Don’t let people tell you that using highlighters commands different colored pens are of no use when taking notes offline are in a mobile teacher app. Some people love to believe it because they think that information is information, no matter how it is presented to you.

Firstly, there is a perspective to everything we view in life. If a particular this is given to you, which is not particularly visually pleasing, you would not want to taste it. When presented nicely, your appetite increases, and you feel hungrier. The same goes for note-taking especially language notes such as Bengali, Hindi notes, and other regional languages.

Secondly, it is easy to understand the keywords and important points when you are color-coding information accordingly. Map and navigate through data easily. It is a convenient time-saving process!

3. It should make sense to you

Mugging up and vomiting in doubt on your exam sheet at the end of the semester will not get you anywhere in life, not even past college. The most important thing you learn in college and university is that you have to exercise real-life things based on the application of all values of the subjects you are studying.

In short, you have to understand things because the questions are not as straightforward, and only a certain number of books all prescribed to you from there you must make sense and understand what the answer would be. No more spoon-feeding! If you have gotten away with simply memorizing, prepare yourself for some serious trouble, and start the change today.

4. Have a liking for handwritten notes

Students find it easier to make notes online or through a mobile teacher app because it is convenient to copy details and edit data. However, using a device makes things distracting for you. Research says that students who take notes by hand and arrange it physically, score better on examinations. Get some fancy pens and start making your notes today to try it out and test the progress!

5. Review your notes

The most common studying pattern in a student is making the most out of nights. All day they have to attend several classes and oblige to other commitments related to personal life in academic life. Taking notes can be very risky, you can write some things that don’t make sense, in your state of drowsiness. The best way to prevent such a situation is to get enough sleep.

To make sure that the mistake is rectified, you have to review the notes. Keep reviewing sessions for weekends, preferably on a Saturday so that on Sunday you can have some amount of rest and relief from a week-long toil.

6. Maintain chronological order of the notes

Studies show that students tend to forget more than 40% of the information that they learn in live classes within 24 hours of attending them. If you don’t maintain a chronological order and habit of taking notes in classes every day, you will miss out on details. A mind gap between two classes is the last thing that you want. The entire schedule gets disturbed unless you can cram and crash courses of the previous classes so that you can attend the next properly and take good notes. Have a grasp on yourself and your subject material too!