Test Your Android Battery Health in 3 Simple Steps

android battery health

It’s important to keep an eye on your phone’s battery health to ensure it continues working smoothly. Over time, lithium-ion batteries degrade, leading to abrupt shutdowns or short battery life between charges. This guide explains multiple methods to check battery stats on Android devices.

Why Monitoring Battery Health Matters

As batteries chemically age, their capacity to hold a charge diminishes. Tracking metrics like remaining capacity, temperature levels, and charge cycles signals when replacement is needed. Android’s usage stats show which apps drain power, while Samsung Members and third-parties like AccuBattery provide granular battery health data.

Checking Usage Stats in Android Settings

The Battery section under Settings displays usage since the last full charge. Besides listing power-hungry apps, drilling down shows complete device usage. Tapping individual apps allows for controlling their background resource access via optimized or restricted modes to improve battery efficiency. In addition, you can also read an article on- Top 10 Voice Recorder Apps for Android

Using Android’s Hidden Phone Diagnostics Menu

By dialing *#*#4636#*#* in the Phone app, a menu appears showing usage statistics and battery details, if available. Seek out a “Battery Information” section for health status, charge level, and temperature readings. If not shown, try the Samsung and third-party options below.

Leveraging Samsung Members for Diagnostics

On Samsung devices, the Samsung Members app has diagnostics for testing system performance. Under Phone Diagnostics, the Battery Status page reports overall battery health, expected lifespan, and capacity, among other metrics. Compare these to ideal readings to determine if replacement is warranted.

Installing Specialized Apps Like AccuBattery

Apps like AccuBattery reveal comprehensive battery health insights, including capacity and wear estimates, temperature tracking, historical charging data, and more. The free version shows ads, while upgrading unlocks additional features like a dark theme and detailed battery notifications.

Deciding When to Replace Your Battery

Once battery life drops precipitously, with random shutdowns, extreme lag, and very short runtimes between charges, it’s time to replace it. Monitoring health metrics from the outset equips you to spot deterioration in advance and take action before functionality is critically impaired. Additionally, you can also read about- Microsoft Copilot: Your AI Sidekick for Software and Services

Staying On Top of Your Battery’s Health

Keeping up with your phone’s battery health allows you to head off problems as the battery ages before they disrupt your daily mobile experience. With Android’s built-in statistics and enhanced visibility from Samsung Members or third-parties like AccuBattery, you can plan replacements proactively.