Tips for Finding Out if they are Having an Affair

Gender Disparity in Penalizing Extra Marital Affairs
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The biggest concern for a married person or anyone in a stable relationship is being lied to or cheated on. That betrayal of going behind their back and bringing another person into the middle of the relationship is something that many are not willing to accept or forgive.

Something that those who share the ideas of open relationships and polyamory cannot understand. Sex, whether it is with a workmate, a friend or a sexy escort in Scotland, is something only physical for them. What they really value is the feeling, love and appreciation for the other person.

Despite the fact that today’s society is living in the age of sexual and amorous liberalisation, there are still a lot of topics that remain taboo. They are being normalised little by little, but it is still difficult.

Factors involving extramarital affairs among married adults
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What is infidelity?

Depending on how jealous a person is and what kind of relationship they are in, there is a wide range of attitudes that can be considered infidelity. In addition to, what most people agree, the act of having sex with another person.

Other attitudes or behaviours such as: 

Befriending or keeping in contact with exes.

Adding strangers to social networks.

Being “too” affectionate with friends.

But are these behaviours really typical of unfaithful people? There is even a famous programme called “Discovering cheaters” which is very popular on the Youtube platform

Signs of cheating

In films and series, a very concrete image of relationships, love and happiness is established. It is what people cling to and hope to achieve at some point. And only then, they believe, will they be truly happy.

But when they actually find themselves in the relationship and it doesn’t match what they expected or doesn’t fit, they don’t understand why. So how good are expectations and the average human being’s ability to manage them? Many find the answer in “cheating” as it is popularly known. And many others remain with the fear and suspicion that their partner is unfaithful.

That is why they are attentive to certain behaviours and attitudes that give away the majority of cheaters. Among them, the most common are:

  • Spending a lot of time away from home: the main reason may be either that they are very busy or that they are enjoying that time with someone else.
  • Constantly looking at the phone and sending messages while hiding the screen from the view.
  • Poor excuses, evasive in the face of all questions asked.
  • Lack of sexual desire with a regular partner.
  • Distancing. Decreased conversation and communication and less time at home or with the usual partner.
  • Strange behaviour. They startle for no apparent reason, stop doing things they used to do regularly, dress up more than usual, have changed their cologne, etc.
    Tips for Coping When Your Partner Is Unfaithful
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Who is more unfaithful, men or women?

The historical trend says, men. This is due to women’s role in society since men used to resort to the company of beautiful escorts in Galway or to some flirt to satisfy their sexual appetite. Plus it was so normalised that it was even well regarded in society, or, at least, better than in the case of women.

This is something that is influenced by many social prejudices. Because in the end, until the unfaithful person is caught red-handed, it is much more about what one can imagine or suspect from the other person’s behaviour. And this can be taken with a grain of salt, i.e. it may or may not be true.

Although some use it as an excuse, there is no biological or genetic reason that makes one gender more likely to be unfaithful. Yet, it is something that has been going on over the years and continues to exist.

Why do people cheat?

There are various excuses. Such as, that the love is over, that the person needs something else, that there is still love for the person himself, but not as a partner. That had had too much to drink, that it was not what it seemed, and so on.

A number of labels have been attached to each gender. That women don’t have one-night stands, that they are more into long-term relationships or that they are more easily monogamous. Whereas men are more passionate and sexual, need and have more experience in sex, and are more physical.

But to what extent is this true? Many have used these social prejudices as an excuse for their infidelities. Although there is no single valid reason for when these situations occur. Rather, when the desire or opportunity arises, instead of reporting directly to the services of a professional such as a sexy female escorts in Perth, one should be conscious and coherent with oneself and with one’s partner.

And if the relationship doesn’t really work, or if they are not on the same page, rather than hurting the other person, it is better to be aware, accept and leave it, so that everyone can do what they really want to do.