Upcoming Trends in iOS App Development That Will Rule in 2020

iOS App Development
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Apple has come a long way with the advancement in software and new features in its devices. This tech giant does not fail to miss its mark. The year 2019 was full of surprises. Now, Apple fans, as well as iOS developers, are wondering what revolutionary changes will appear in iOS app development services.

Let’s walk through the upcoming Trends in iOS app development that are expected to rule in 2020:

App Security at the Forefront

Apple is great when it comes to app security. The developers made it a point to prevent hackers from intruding on the personal space of the users. After releasing the new iOS, developers mandated integrating ATS app transport security in every app.

AR and VR

Finally, iOS apps will see the face of virtual reality. The AR and VR technology will integrate and developers can build real-time apps for enhancing user experience. With the use of ArKit, developers won’t get tired and wary in building standalone AR app.

Siri More Powerful than Ever

There’s good news for all Apple developers. They can now embed Siri in iOS apps. Siri has a new voice now with a personalized touch. You can customize the conversations without making it feel unnatural at all.

Apple Pay

One of the key drivers of iOS development services is security. The new and improved Apple pay is more secure than ever. It has allowed developers to integrate in-app payment. Apple pay is not just a secure platform, but it will eliminate the need for keeping users’ details saved. In 2020, the number of payments done via the Apple gateway will increase by almost 200 percent.

Swift 5

Swift 5 is a standalone framework that integrates with iOS 13. It has introduced new capabilities that will become building blocks for future IOS versions. It brings ABI stability. It is likely to boost the performance and features of future iOS apps.

The platform is also compatible with Linux and this means developers will be able to enhance their own knowledge when they work with Swift 5 and integrate it with other platforms.

Internet of Things

The use of interconnected devices will rise in the coming year. IOS developers will have to step up their game and build apps in these technologies. This would add a strong face in technological advancements. HomeKit is a great example of an app developed on IoT driven technologies.

HomeKit allows users to communicate and control the automated devices connected in your home. You can also configure the accessories using this Kit. It also allows users to group multiple devices and operate them using Siri.

Navigation Elements

One of the most prominent trends in iOS app development services is the placement of navigation elements for the product.

Traditionally, UI design used to give users access to the navigation bar directly. This certainly made it easier to use the app, but it hurt the visual appeal to a big extent.

Now, developers are hiding buttons behind the menu button. This way, users will have access to all the buttons but only the necessary information will be placed on the primary screen. Similarly, many manufacturers are planning to get rid of the physical buttons from their devices. That means for navigation, you won’t have to rely on the home button alone anymore.

Machine Learning

CoreML has grained tremendous popularity lately. Soon, we will find ML norms dominating custom apps that will be built on the benefits of this technology.

AI Power

For Siri, an impressive transformation is around the corner. SiriKit allows iOS developers to integrate their apps with Siri. However, the story doesn’t end here. Sirikit has much more to offer than lock screen and hands-free use. It will help harness the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Siri will be available in the app shortcut section. Hence, it will become easier for developers to determine what actions a user is planning to take shortly. 

Animations and 3D Graphics

Another prominent trend in iOS app development will be 3D graphics and animations. These days, the animation is considered to be the most effective way of conveying information.

Even a simple iOS app can have sophisticated animations. Users would love an app with a screen look, a nice visual appeal, and some animation. This doesn’t just attract the attention of the user but makes your iOS app more memorable than others.

Along with animation, 3D is likely to make its way into iOS development services, too. Some developers have yet to adopt this trend. 3D design can bring a number of advantages that are hard to ignore. These include:

  • It will make your app more competitive since it has a unique visual appeal
  • Information will be easier to digest by the end-user
  • The audience will embrace the visual side of your product
  • This would eliminate the need for physical prototypes
  • You will be following new design trends

The trend is fairly new therefore, it’s recommended not to overdo with 3D graphics because it can slow down the load time. The key is not to let the 3D design get in the way of user functionality.

Cloud Storage

2020 will bring more adoption of cloud storage technologies for mitigating the storage concerns of the users. IOS app will integrate with cloud services to provide more storage. Apps developed with cloud integration will work seamlessly across multiple platforms. This will streamline the operations of the business users.

Apps with cloud integration aren’t just able to store a large amount of data, but they are fast, reliable and secure. They come with a scalable structure. Users will be able to source data from the cloud directly. They won’t have to feed the memory of their Apple devices. Hybrid cloud solutions and quantum computing will be the buzzwords 2020.

The aim of these upcoming trends in iOS development is to create engagement and intuitive mobile experience for users. The sooner a business is able to adapt to the trends and introduce them in their final product, the better.

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