What to Wear When Getting a Hip Tattoo? 15 Trendy Ideas for 2024

What To Wear When Getting A Hip Tattoo

Stepping into the tattoo parlor, your excitement bubbles at the thought of getting a new hip tattoo—but wait, what should you wear? It’s a question that many overlook, yet it’s as crucial as choosing the design itself.

The right outfit can make all the difference between an awkward experience and one where comfort meets style for this memorable occasion.

Did you know? Loose clothing isn’t just about comfort; it also gives your tattoo artist easier access to create their masterpiece. Our guide is packed with stylish yet practical tips that ensure nothing gets in the way of your fresh ink.

We’ll cover everything from breezy shorts to clever swimsuit choices—all designed to complement your session effortlessly. Get ready for insights that promise smooth sailing through your inking journey.

Keep reading to become fashion-savvy with every stroke of the needle!

Importance of Choosing the Right Outfit for a Tattoo Session

Picking the perfect outfit for your tattoo appointment is crucial. It’s not just about style; it’s about making sure your artist can easily get to the place where you want your new ink.

Loose clothes are best, especially if they can give quick access to the hip area without any fuss. Think about how some tops or pants might block the spot or rub against a fresh tattoo—that’s what you need to avoid.

Wear something you’re comfortable moving around in since you might have to adjust to different positions while getting tattooed. Outfits made from soft fabrics are ideal, as they won’t irritate your skin after the session.

Remember, comfort and accessibility help ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible and that your tattoo turns out beautifully!

What to Wear When Getting a Hip Tattoo

What to Wear When Getting a Hip Tattoo

Navigating the world of tattoos, especially when it comes to a hip piece, demands attention to your sartorial choices. The right clothing isn’t just about style—it’s about accessibility and comfort during the inking process, ensuring that your tattooist has unimpeded access to the canvas of your skin.

Let’s explore outfit selections that merge practicality with personal expression for that hip tattoo session ahead.

Loose-fitting Shorts

Pick out some loose-fitting shorts when you’re getting a hip tattoo. They make it easy for the tattooist to reach your hip without any trouble. You’ll stay comfy during the long sitting and keep your new ink free from tight pressure.

Just slide the shorts up or down, depending on where your tattoo design is going.

Go for airy shorts that won’t cling to your skin after getting inked. Choose a pair with an elastic waistband so you can adjust them as needed. These are perfect if you have plans before or after your appointment and still want to look good while keeping things simple for your artist.

Wear them over underwear that gives full coverage, especially if you’re opting for a butt tattoo too!

Off-the-shoulder Top

Choose an off-the-shoulder top for your hip tattoo appointment. This style keeps your hips easily accessible while looking chic. Off-the-shoulder tops come with added benefits, especially when it’s time to show off a shoulder or back tattoo later.

These tops have no straps to get in the way of a fresh tattoo, making them perfect for multiple placements.

Wear one that slips down easily without messing up your new ink during the session. Make sure it’s loose around the waist so you can lift it slightly without discomfort. You’ll stay comfortable and stylish before, during, and after getting your hip tattoo done.  Additionally, you can also read about Fashion Tips and Tricks for Girls.

Flowy wide-leg Pants

Flowy wide-leg pants are a perfect pick for your hip tattoo session. They offer comfort and easy access to the area getting inked. Because the fabric is loose, your tattoo artist can work without any tight clothing in the way.

Comfort comes first, and these pants feel soft against your skin, which is important when sitting for long periods of time.

Wear them with an off-the-shoulder top or a loose-fitting tank top to stay cool and relaxed. You’ll be able to move freely during the appointment. By keeping it simple, you can concentrate on your intriguing new tattoo rather than feeling constrained by what you’re wearing!

Maxi Skirt with Side-slit

A maxi skirt with a side-slit is both stylish and practical for a hip tattoo session. It allows the tattooist easy access to your skin without making you feel too exposed. You can simply shift the fabric to reveal your hip, while the rest of the skirt keeps you covered.

Choose one that’s comfortable and made from soft fabric, so it won’t irritate your skin after getting inked.

Slip into this kind of skirt if you want hassle-free clothing that doesn’t interfere with the artist’s work. Make sure the slit is high enough for ample room to work, but also remember to wear something underneath, like shorts or a bikini bottom, for added privacy.

This outfit choice respects your comfort and maintains modesty during your appointment.

High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are perfect for hip tattoo sessions. Their snug waistline makes sure that you’re covered, yet they give the tattoo artist easy access to work on your skin. Choose a pair with some stretch; this will ensure you stay comfy throughout the process.

Roll down or unbutton them just enough so your tattooist can reach the spot without any fabric getting in the way.

You’ll want these jeans to be your go-to for aftercare too. They protect the area while still keeping pressure off your fresh ink. Plus, high-waisted jeans can make you feel stylish and put together, even when you’re healing from a new tattoo!

Loose-fitting Tank Top

Choose a loose-fitting tank top for your hip tattoo session. These tops are great because they give the tattoo artist easy access to your skin. You won’t have to worry about fabric getting in the way.

Make sure the tank top can be moved easily so that your hip area is exposed without hassle.

A spaghetti strap or halter top style works well, too. They let you stay cool and comfortable while providing enough room for the artist to work. Go for a design that doesn’t cover your hips or gets tangled during the process.

This kind of outfit helps you relax since you’re not fussing with clothes and lets the tattooist focus on creating art on your skin.  If you want you can also read- Rocker Chic Style.


A romper makes a great choice for your hip tattoo session. It’s a one-piece that gives the tattooist easy access to your hip area. You’ll feel comfortable and look stylish while getting inked.

Plus, you can wear it without worrying about tight bands rubbing against your fresh tattoo.

Go for a romper with spaghetti straps or an off-the-shoulder design. This will keep fabric away from the tattoo spot during and after the session. Pick one in a soft, breathable material so you stay cool and relaxed under the needle.

Your focus should be on your new art, not adjusting your clothes!

Bikini Bottom

Bikini bottoms are your go-to choice for hip tattoos. They let you show just enough skin without making you feel too exposed. Tattoo artists recommend them because they are easy to move aside, giving the artist clear access to your hip area.

You’ll want a pair that’s comfortable and not too tight, so the tattooist can work easily around the fabric.

Choose bikini bottoms that you don’t mind getting stained with ink; sometimes it happens during tattoo sessions. Remember, comfort is key — pick a style that makes you feel good and also respects the practical needs of getting inked on your hip.

What to wear when getting a thigh tattoo in winter

What to Wear When Getting a Hip Tattoo

Winter weather means you need to stay warm while still offering easy access to your thigh for the tattoo. Think comfort and convenience as you pick out what to wear during your tattoo session.

  • Choose loose-fitting shorts made from thicker fabric; they provide warmth and can easily be rolled up.
  • Opt for leggings that have zips on the side; zip them up when outside, then unzip for your appointment.
  • Wear long socks; they’ll keep your legs warm except where the tattoo will go.
  • Consider a long skirt with buttons or a zipper; this offers quick access for the tattooist without completely undressing.
  • Select sweatpants with snaps or buttons down the side; snap them off when it’s time for your tattoo, then snap them back on after.
  • Bring a blanket or a large scarf; it will keep you cozy during inking and can be adjusted based on where the artist is working.


Choosing the right outfit for your hip tattoo session matters a lot. Pick something you feel good in, like loose shorts or an off-the-shoulder top. Remember, comfort and access are key—flowy pants or a side-slit skirt work great.

If it’s cold out, think of layers that you can remove easily. Wear clothes that let the tattoo artist do their best work while keeping you cozy!