YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos in 2020?

YouTube SEO
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Do you know about YouTube SEO? Usaually, you can do SEO and nowadays you should follow SEO startegies for YouTube? You got up and thought: how can I rank my video on YouTube’s search result in 2020?

The video is the content of the moment has become the most shared format on the Internet but before you start reading you realize that the first thing you should do is have quality content.

By now you should know that if you position but the content is bad, sooner or later the bounce rate will send you to the lowest of the ranking.

Is it important to do SEO on YouTube?

When we talk about YouTube, we talk about Google and if we talk about the king search engine, we talk about web positioning. Since Google bought the most important video website, its importance in the organic results of the search engine gained importance compared to other platforms such as Vimeo.

That tells us that in addition to appearing in the search engine of the video platform, we must also do SEO to appear on Google. Is it easy? No, but it is possible and for that we will treat the videos as another tool of visibility of our website.

SEO objectives on YouTube

To set a goal before starting to create a video is the first thing we have to consider in order to position videos. If we are not clear about our destination, we do not know how to take the intermediate steps to get there.

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Once the theme and goal have been defined, what do we achieve by positioning videos on YouTube?

Help our website to improve the results by keywords, thanks to our videos and the keywords we use, we can strengthen our website by including the video on our pages and/or related that video to our website.

In addition, if we position the video on Google, we will be taking key positions to redirect traffic to our website while we will be getting qualified links pointing to our site, which will make us improve the organic results of our page.

Another objective may be branding, creating a brand image of our company or business. We must create a video that can become viral, that is, shared by thousands of people on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc … and for this you must be original and create a striking, shocking, funny or if you wish, controversial video.

Our ultimate goal when doing SEO on YouTube is to get links from other domains and different hostings and allow other users to insert the video into their websites is something we should allow.

Links are the life of SEO because they get traffic and generate credibility and authority to our websites.

8 keys to position videos on YouTube

The musketeers were 3, 4 the horsemen of the apocalypse, 5 are the continents, the magnificent ones were 6 (in the cartoons), the dwarfs were 7 and the keys to improve ranking on YouTube are 8

Quality Content: In SEO the content is king and, in the video,, it was not going to be different, so we have to create videos of the highest quality so that our visitors get a minimum of quality. Positioning a video on YouTube of poor quality, first, it is more difficult and if we can position it, it will eventually plummet.

Choose keywords to position:  Once we have created the video we have to choose the keywords to position. You must do a search to choose the ones that have more results but they must always be related to your video. Keep in mind that more searches, more competition but that does not discourage you to go for them.

Attractive title and do not fool:  The title is one of the key sections when uploading and positioning a video. It provides an ideal information of our video to the user while giving information about the content to our friend Google. Include the keywords in it and give a striking touch to the title with a length less than 60 characters. In addition, a good way to create a title is with words type, How to do, Tutorial, Learn to, etc … Include the title in the name of the video, locally, before uploading it. Never upload it with a name other than the title you will put on YouTube.

Correct description of the video:  Make an attractive description that contains a lot of information, it will be useful for YouTube and Google. Put (yes or yes) a link to your website to get link building and qualified traffic to your website.

Tags correct:  The  tags also are very important for YouTube and offer your video for a particular search.

Subtitles:  Google and YouTube use subtitles to get valuable information from our video. We must make a transcript of the content of our video and we will always add it as a subtitle to it.

Share: Fish drank and drank and returned to drink and your compare, share and re-share. You must also include the videos within your page.

Methodical in the deadlines: Post from time to time, no matter if it is every day or every 15 days, but do a method of uploads to YouTube. Your followers and also Google will appreciate it and remember that you upload videos for them both.