10 Tips for Creating a High-Converting Email Template

High-Converting Email Template

Emails emerged as an essential part of communication with the emergence of the internet. It stands for “electronic mail” and finds its roots in traditional postal mail concepts but digitally and extremely fast. Emails are now one of the most vital parts of daily communication. Emails are used to deliver information, communicate with each other, and even promote the content or products. 

Emails are around since the early days of the internet. The electronic method that gradually replaced and nearly made letters extinct evolved with the evolution of the internet. Now any internet user is anywhere in the world who is familiar with Email and their communication role. Due to the professionalism associated with the emails, people often heed extra attention to email content.

The advantage of emails includes professionalism and that emails can be stored for a virtually infinite amount of time and can be referred to easily. Whereas paper-based letters are prone to damage, there is an aging issue; even if there is no damage, older paper becomes brittle.

Emails are cheap; a single email can be sent to thousands of people. Due to this inexpensive nature, emails are a practical approach to communicate your narrative or promote your product via this method. Emails have tremendous digital marketing scope, and their scope has seen a steep rise in digital marketing development. Other offline marketing techniques can be expensive, whereas this will be cheap. 

Many companies now regularly publish a newsletter and send it to their customer, consumers, or shareholders via emails. These newsletters communicate company strategy, current scenarios, and future goals to the faithful at virtually zero distribution, paper, and printing costs. Hence, more environmentally friendly.

Since emails have become an essential portion of the digital marketing world, it is necessary to know how to get people to read your Email and get into you. Email conversion rate is usually used to estimate email marketing campaigns’ effectiveness where conversion implies the number of clicks/traffic attracted to your website or even sales.

Use these tips to increase email conversion rates during your email marketing campaigns. The conversion rates are highly dependent on the way you organize your campaign.

Know your audience 

Around 3.9 billion people worldwide use email services for day to day communications, be it personal or professional. It is a humongous number of users, each with a different point of view and interests.

  You ought to understand the likes and dislikes of potential customers. Targeting customers with suitable content that aligns with their interests can yield better conversions.

Google Analytics are great tools you can use to know your audience; other tools like Pixel from Facebook and social media analytics are also great resources to understand the people’s behavior towards your product. The data you will get is going to be an excellent resource to understand the audience. 

Divide your audience into different categories

Once you get the right amount of data, you can start working on what kind of people showed interest in which specific product.  This grouping strategy is used by many media giants like Twitter, Pinterest, or Reddit, to name a few; they send emails matching the user’s preferences to attract them.

You can categories your audience pool in the following category.

  • Age
  • Preferences
  • Location 
  • Work history
  • Gender
  • Time of visit 
  • Time of stay on your site or a specific product

Although these categories are not final but can be a good starting point, analyze your audience as per your criteria. Several tools are available in Pixel and Google Analytics, group your audience and then target them ingeniously for better results.

For example, dissertation writing services use email marketing to increase the customer base to more students by targeting students specifically. 

A persuasive Subject Line

Capture the attention of the recipient with a crisply written subject line. Write your subject line to keep in mind that many people do not even bother to open an email after reading the subject. A bland subject will only reduce the conversion ratio. A good subject line hence holds the key to gain higher conversions.

  • A good subject line must be able to convey the central message of the Email. 
  • Keep it clear, concise, and catchy.
  • Tell them the primary benefit of the Email.
Preview Text that captivates the readers

Now, most email providers add a preview text of the Email along with the subject. Automatically this increases the value of preview text hundreds of folds. Avoid bland start of your Email; it can make readers lose interest in the content. Make it exciting, appealing, and uplifting.

123essays use great preview texts to enhance their emails and provide help in composing great emails.

Make sure your audience knows who emailed them.

Often, we get an email where the sender has not introduced who they are, and it gives a spammy feel instantly. Make sure your readers do not suffer from this. Give a briefly written but comprehensive introduction.

The right way is to add your brand’s small logo with your company’s name, slogan, and company address. It is of keen importance to let the recipient who contacted them. Also brief but spectacular will give the recipient information in case they want to reach out to you.

The structure of your Emails MATTER

Never underestimate the value of formatting. Not many people will bother to decipher the cluttered information of ill-formatted, poorly structured Email. Make sure that you follow a proper structure for your Emails.

  • Include salutations and connect with your reader by using an excellent icebreaking phrase
  • Keep the paragraph small because no one likes a big paragraph to read.
  • Do not force a lot of information in a single paragraph.

Keep your audience in mind while composing an Email.

It is as essential as it gets. The recipient must be in the author’s mind from choosing the tone, rhythm, and type of information to include in an email market copy. You won’t want to waste your time on anything that’s not related to you, so neither your readers. Keep in mind what they want to read and how they will like it. 

Words can make or break.

The choice of words can’t be emphasized enough in any Email market copy. Using the right words will make your Email appear legitimate. Would you trust an Email that contains spelling mistakes? 

To connect with your readers
  • Use analogies or punch lines 
  • Paint a picture with words and tap into the emotions of your readers (depending on the subject of Email)
  • Use powerful and exciting words in the subject line and preview text

Manly Hall summarizes the importance of words:

“Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.”

Subheadings, lists, and bullet points are a plus.

Divide your Email market copy into headings and subheadings to give readers the freedom to read what they would like to read in the message. Create a list to mention all your offers and products etc.

Bullet points always attract the attention of the reader in any email market copy. Make use of the bullet points to convey the main ideas of the Email. 

Use psychological hacks to persuade your readers.

Human psychology plays a vital role in marketing, and the same goes for email marketing campaigns. Connect with the reader on a psychological basis and use the knowledge of psychology to increase the conversion of emails. These hacks can significantly increase the success of your Email market campaigns.

  • Create urgency about the product and portray scarcity or limited availability of the product. For example, “Limited stock available. Get yours asap”.
  • Give a sense of how your reader can get extra if they follow the Email. For example, “Special discounts for you if you follow this link (insert link to sales page) to make a purchase.”
  • Add calls to action
  • Give value to your readers. Tell them how much they matter to you
  • Be personal with your audience 

  High grossing email campaigns always capitalize on the human psychological factor to increase the emails’ conversion rate.