The Hidden Truth of Link Building in SEO

Link Building
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“The strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. The tactic without strategy is noise before defeat.” -Sun Tzu (Wu)

Link building and building strategic links are two different things. The first is simply the creation of links to generate backlinks, while the second is to know where the effort should be put to obtain maximum performance. Talk about establishing a rank ready for action in the online market that exists at this time.

The reality is this: people are disappointed with the drop in links and traffic because it has gone through hard work but the rewards are not as expected.

With this type of experience, you need to go back a little and reflect on these.

Start by reflecting on your definition of the online market that goes this way: potential customers search on Google when they search for an answer to your problem, do a Google search, find directories, read articles and product reviews, slide around discussion groups and evaluate competitors.

SEO Process The sites that your potential customers use to do this make up the online market around your industry. So, they are the sites that your potential customers use to partner with.

The next thing is to understand your market. Know what they need and analyze their interests. By doing so, you will know where to go in the market and how to do things to succeed.

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Then, develop good content. Put your thoughts into words and make sure they are good enough, not only for the competition but also mainly to attract readers. The rest will only follow.

When creating valuable content, look at media sites, post press releases online and look at non-media sites. And in doing so, never forget to monitor and evaluate everything.

Inbound MarketingWhat you need to know about monitoring and evaluation is to understand what to measure? Things like how much increasing traffic comes from links? Which links bring more traffic? How much traffic from your search engine? How much do your sales increase as a result?

Link building is done not only to regain links. One must understand that strategy and tactics make a difference, especially when you do not want your efforts to be wasted. And to be more informed about this issue, continue looking for more methods on how you can promote and improve your online business.

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