How to Clean Your Windows PC Junk Files

How to Clean Your Windows PC Junk Files

Getting rid of garbage files on our digital devices like laptops and smartphones is often overlooked when it comes to digital device care. This video shows you how to clear temporary and other garbage files from your Windows PC without using any third-party software. We shall use the Command Prompt for this. Here’s how.

  1. Open the Command Prompt window first. Enter ‘cmd’ or ‘command prompt’ in the search field and click Start. Enter now.

2. Then select the Command Prompt application option.

3. Enter the following command in the Command Prompt window to view temporary files.

 %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe %temp%\

4. For now, you can either delete these files manually by hitting ‘Ctrl+A’ and then ‘Delete’, or use this command.

del %temp%\*.* /s /q

5. The files in use will not be erased, but the remainder will. You can delete them after closing the applications that use them.

cleanmgr /lowdisk /e

6. To delete all the garbage files on a disc, run the low disk command, which should look like this:

cleanmgr /verylowdisk /e

Similarly, to clear garbage files without any questions, use this command.

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