How to Improve Your Memory?

How to Improve Your Memory? / 1

We all forget vital things on a regular basis. But before you condemn your memory for failing you during essential activities, consider your diet. According to a dietician, the food you eat affects your memory. In a delightful video, she shows what foods to avoid if you want to improve your memory. The video is based on a conversation between a nutritionist and her brain.

Avoid these Foods for Memory :

Nutritionist suggests that aging isn’t the main element causing forgetfulness. The expert advises avoiding packaged soft drinks first. High fructose corn syrup, she explains, “causes brain inflammation, impairs memory and learning.”

She also warns against packaged junk food. “Studies show that people who consume more trans fats have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, reduced brain capacity, and cognitive decline,” she says. Diet Coke, she adds, includes memory-damaging chemicals.

Nutritionist believes junk food like quick noodles harms the brain by lowering levels of B-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. “This chemical is required for long-term memory, learning, and new neuron formation.”

Regarding booze, the specialist states “Alcohol affects the psyche in general. Chronic alcohol misuse or social binge drinking depletes Vitamin B1, reducing brain capacity, destroying neurotransmitters, and impairing memory.”

Nutritionist Makhija wrote in the video: “Want better memory? Remove these foods to reverse the cognitive deterioration.”

“Enhance omega 3 rich foods like chia, flaxseeds, walnuts that increase the release of anti-inflammatory substances in the brain and have a protective effect.”

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