How to Activate Dark Mode in Google Search [Step-by-Step Guide]

Google Search Dark Mode

Desktop Dark Mode is now enabled via Google Search. There are currently three styles in which consumers may choose to have Google search present itself to them. It will include the option to sync Google Search’s look preferences with their computer’s default theme, making it easier to set an automatic timing for switching between dark and light modes. Eye strain is combated by the Dark Mode, which prevents eye fatigue by making text readable at a contrast ratio of less than 5:1.

Google unveiled its new look settings on the Google Support page. The device has three options for appearance: Device default, Dark, and Light. It also added that Dark Mode settings began being sent out to all users on September 9, and that all users would be able to use the new option over the course of the following weeks.

How to activate Dark Mode in Google Search

The new aesthetic settings will apply to the Google homepage, search results page, search settings, and numerous other related webpages, according to the statement. The device automatically sets the colour scheme based on the Device default setting. For the Light settings, the background will be dark, while for the Dark settings, the background will be light. Gadgets 360 has been able to adjust Google Search’s aesthetic settings. Here are the steps to turn on Google Search’s Dark Mode.

  • Google your query by using the “” website address.
  • In the Google Search Homepage, in the lower right-hand corner, click on Settings.
  • In order to see Appearance under Settings, open the left panel of the Settings page that appears. Click on Appearance on the list.
  • Device default, dark, or light is a choice.
  • Click “Save” at the bottom.

The Dark Mode functionality for Google Search was initially implemented on desktop machines in December 2020, with Google doing some initial experiments. Since May 2020, Google’s Search on Mobile has featured Dark Mode.

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